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“Great product”

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Jade H.
Investor Relations Associate,
Real Estate

I like it!

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Caitlin B

Super Easy!

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Rick S.
Branch Manager / Loan Officer,
Mortgage Right

Great product

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Edie O.
Executive Assistant,
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

Brand New To The Software

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Kris P.
Business Manager,
Carnegie Dartlet LLC

Best customer service I have EVER experienced

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Rosanne M
Martino Business Consulting

New user and couldn’t be happier!

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Kyle K.
Project Manager,
Empire Flippers, LLC

Exactly the software I was looking for

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Daniel N
Medicolegal Death Investigator,
Reno County

Great experience with DropSecure

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Renee L.
HR Generalist,

Awesome Secure & Easy-to-Use File Sharing Service with an A++ Support Team!

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Tyler P.
Loan Originator,
Cardinal Financial Company

Great price for the features

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Archie P
Network Adminstrator,
St. John Properties, Inc

Great CMMC Compliant File Sharing Solution

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Jason S
Numurus LLC

Awesome system and well worth it!

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Alexandra H
Executive Assistant,
All Legal Staff, Inc

Customer Service Was Excellent; DropSecure Looks Very Useful

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Charles G
Solo Law Practice

Secure File Share Platform v2.0 – A Step Above The Rest!

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Chris LaCour
Executive Sponsor,
Sub-Four Capital

Outstanding Product

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Nancy M
Senior Consultant,
Kings Point Enterprises Inc

Easy and simple to use

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Tina S.
HR Operations,
DT Professional Services LLC

DropSecure is game changing!

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Samuel Mack
Managing Director,
SWEVEN Global Resources

A secure document transmission platform

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Joseph K
Executive Director of Operations,
Zane State College

Drop Secure and their engineers have been helpful and prompt, and implementation was a breeze. My absolute favorite thing about this product is the ease of use on the student end. Not requiring a log in has really increased the number of documents we are able to successfully collect…

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Megan H.
Financial Aid Coordinator,
Blueridge Community College

We needed a simple tool for our customers to send files reliably and securely. DropSecure does that. It accomplishes that well. The great simple features to secure files to our external customers over the Internet…

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Jerry H.

DropSecure allows for quick and secure data exchange with our customers. The team behind DropSecure is very friendly and competent

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Mattias G.
Service Engineer,

Ease of use and encryption. The customization is nice too…

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Yzidro L.

Secure communication and sharing of encrypted files. Ease of use, security, end to end encryption, cost effective…

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Samudra V
Sam IT Solutions

From signing up to receiving documents , it took us under 10 minutes. Its great that we can customize it to our branding. With 2FA feature on all user logins, folder creation, activity monitoring and easy user interface , it was a no-brainer. To top that , cust support has been amazing…

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Mani D

DropSecure’s great customer service offered me the right features at the right price and hence I will be staying with DropSecure. It was an amazing experience that I will absolutely be grateful for in my business growth! Thank you so much for everything!…

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Sharnai Lewallen-Wright
ELK Ridge Bookkeeping LLC

I don’t feel comfortable using anything else other than DropSecure to share confidential data with my teachers. I am pushing for all other schools that I work with to use them.

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Laurel Galway
Dept. Chair,
Nānākuli High & Intermediate School

DropSecure has turned the tide by allowing SMEs to provide the kind of security that was only affordable to large enterprises. Its simplicity and plugin free sharing beats current competition.

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Steve Antini
Antini Law

The best thing I like about DropSecure is that my patients or providers do not need to create a username and password and it is still more secure than any traditional file sharing service…

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Dr. Devang Shah
Morgan Hill Internal Medicine

I have had an amazing experience. I highly recommend this software for anyone that deals with sensitive information such as banking, tax returns…

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Felix M.
Accupay Systems
  1. The user interface and sending/receiving process is very basic/simple
  2. Branded emails, account page and file drop page with custom URL.
  3. Highest level of encryption available with zero-knowledge.
  4. Ability for each employee to have their own account and file drop URL :
  5. Access to file transfer history
  6. Great Customer Service
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Becky Dutko
Bridgemark Wealth

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With DropSecure, the keys to unlock your data are never shared with anyone you didn't intend to share with, including us. That means you get real privacy behind our military-grade encryption and file transfer technology. Discover the most secure way to share your documents.

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