How to use DropSecure: Videos

We have a variety of user videos to help you get started with DropSecure, its features and use our platform more efficiently.

How to

Sign-up for DropSecure’s Free Trial

Let's go over sign-up process to DropSecure secure file sharing and storage platform.

Set up 2 Step Verification with DropSecure

Bob from DropSecure explains 2 Step Verification for added layer of security

Send Files using DropSecure

How to easily use DropSecure's Send Files feature with military grade end-to-end encryption.

Request Files using DropSecure

See how to use the Request Files feature to invite a contact to send files to you with zero-knowledge file transfers.

Use Secure Share URL

Bob from DropSecure explains how easy it is to use the Secure Share URL to invite clients to share data with zero-knowledge file transfers.

Setup DropSecure’s Outlook Plugin

Installing the Outlook plugin for DropSecure has never been easier. Here's a quick tutorial.

How to Add a Super Admin

Let’s see how a Super Admin can be added to a Teams, Enterprise or Government Plan Account.

How to Create a New Department Admin

Follow these easy steps to create a Department Admin to a Teams, Enterprise or Government Plan Account.

How to Create a New Department

Here is a quick guide on the steps to follow to create a department to easily share, store and manage data.

Founder Speak

Demystifying symmetric and asymmetric encryption

Amish Gandhi (Founder, DropSecure) demystifies symmetric and asymmetric encryption in this video.

Why SSL Security is not enough?

Amish Gandhi (Founder, DropSecure) explains how DropSecure has shifted the landscape to ensure that all data is end-to-end encrypted with Zero Knowledge.

End-to-End encryption with Zero Knowledge at DropSecure

Amish Gandhi (Founder, DropSecure) illustrates how DropSecure uses end-to-end encryption with Zero Knowledge to stay safe, private and protected at all times.

Technology Overview

What is DropSecure

What is DropSecure, and Why it's important to secure your sensitive data.

DropSecure Overview

Let's go over the Web UI of DropSecure secure file sharing and storage platform.

Secure File Share Details

Let's go over the Secure file feature of DropSecure.

Departments, Access Control, and Notifications

DropSecure encrypted files collaboration with granular access control.

Secure cloud sharing starts with DropSecure

With DropSecure, the keys to unlock your data are never shared with anyone you didn't intend to share with, including us. That means you get real privacy behind our military-grade encryption and file transfer technology. Discover the most secure way to share your documents.

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