The Power of Zero-Knowledge Encryption

The term “Zero-Knowledge Encryption” is increasingly becoming synonymous with a complete insurance on your data privacy.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption means that no one except you (not even the service provider) can access your secured data. 

This is a crucial point – even with totally encrypted files, if the server has access to the keys, a centralised hacker attack can cause an unrecoverable data breach. Other service providers who only rely on in-transit and at-rest encryption are making files and passwords vulnerable to potential data breaches due to server-side decryption processes.

However, in the case of DropSecure, there is no point in time when passwords, encryption keys or unencrypted files are visible to unauthorized users – even to DropSecure servers.

Most cloud collaboration providers sacrifice security for collaboration features. In order to provide elaborate features, they have to decrypt your documents on the servers and read them. It’s literally like your postman reading all your letters before delivering them! In contrast, zero-knowledge solutions like DropSecure know nothing about the content and it’s virtually impossible for anyone to access them apart from you.

With DropSecure’s zero-knowledge encryption, your data will not be compromised even if our super secure databases ever get breached. Attackers won’t be able to read any encrypted data — or get their hands on your password for decryption. After all, even we don’t have it!

Zero-knowledge encryption also protects your stored data on DropSecure. When we backup your data on our servers, it’s already encrypted. There is absolutely on way for us or any potential intruder to know what you’re storing in DropSecure folders.

Before concluding let’s make a round up of the pros and cons of Zero-Knowledge Encryption.


  • Total control over your files: your files will not only be encrypted, but also stored in a flexible and super secure cloud. Therefore, you can access it from any device at any time.
  • Data cannot be accessed by the service provider: If nobody can access your data, you don’t even need to trust your provider. It’s not about trust, it’s about maths.
  • Virtually unhackable: Even the harshest hacker attacks cannot compromise the privacy of your data. The only thing that they get is a load of gibberish!
  • Compliance: Because of the ‘Zero Knowledge Encryption’, such platforms are by default compliant to many industry regulations.


  • Password reset:  due to the Zero Knowledge Encryption solution, such services do not store your passwords. Therefore, if you forget your password, there is no way for service provider to reset your password. This is why at DropSecure, we recommend enterprise users to have two super admins on the account so if you forget your password, the other super admin can reset it.

At DropSecure, we firmly believe that Zero-Knowledge Encryption is the safest way to store and share sensitive documents via cloud. DropSecure is a leading Zero-Knowledge Encryption solution trusted by numerous companies and institutions across world. If you haven’t tried it yet, take a free trial now and give this military grade encryption a test drive today!

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