DropSecure’s Commitment to Data Privacy

DropSecure's Commitment to Data Privacy

Do you notice the risks you take every day with data? Most of us don’t. And with good reason – we’re not given much of an option to insist on data privacy. If you’re really privacy-savvy, you’ve probably adjusted browser and cookie settings or steer clear of sharing personal information online or via email. Unbeknownst to most however, the information and attachments we share personally and at work are almost never private.

That’s why Data Privacy Week is more important than ever.  Awareness is planting the seed for digital privacy behaviours and future standards for all data. At DropSecure, data privacy is the reason we exist; naturally, we’re committed at all levels to data privacy.

Privacy matters

Data privacy is about how information is protected relative to its importance. Personally identifiable information (PII), health data, and financial details are the holy grail of individual privacy.  For businesses, data that is core to privacy extends further to include information about employees, customers, prospects, and includes operational and financial information.

Why is data privacy so hard?

The reality is that the sharing and ease of access to information is the lifeblood of our digital economy. Over the past decades, the means to share data increased disproportionately quickly and broadly compared to privacy safeguards.  Platforms that enable us to share data – everything from your web browser to email to search engines, social media, and digital payment processing – are the foundation of the digital acceleration and mobility for individuals, businesses, governments, and beyond.

Awareness is half the battle

Statistics on identify theft and fraud are concerning, with research showing a sharp increase in 2020 in complaints of individual ID theft and fraud.  Businesses face even steeper risks and constant threats.  In fact, a lack of privacy is the status quo today rather than the other way around.

Changing the privacy status quo

For most, data privacy is a matter of policy; for us it is who we are. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. It is our mission to not only protect but empower the right to keep data secure and private at all times.

DropSecure Data Privacy Pledge

We uphold three promises to our customers:

  1. Zero Knowledge: No one, not even DropSecure, can ever access the content of the data shared through our platform
  2. Encryption: Ensure customer data is protected with military-grade encryption
  3. Privacy: Customer information is private at all times. We never sell customer data.

“Our customers trust DropSecure to share personal data and documents with others via our platform. At DropSecure, we take this responsibility very seriously. Keeping this data secure and private is everything we do. We exist to protect the privacy of our customers and we will continue to do so.”
– Amish Gandhi, CEO, DropSecure.

Way beyond basic compliance

At DropSecure security and privacy are of primary importance. We have extensive experience in safeguarding personal data and helping our customers, that must comply with the highest standards of security (e.g., governments, universities, healthcare organizations, other public authorities, and organizations, such as financial institutions), not only to meet their legal obligations but go beyond to secure data privacy.

Privacy principles and data protection protocols are basic ingredients embedded in the design and architecture of our solutions, technology infrastructure, and business practices. Compliance, risk management, and information security work closely will all areas of the business. We deploy internal audits to regularly tests design and operations to ensure personal data is effectively safeguarded.

Start sharing your data safely

  • See how easy sharing files can be without compromising data privacy with a free trial
  • Read more about DropSecure and how to protect your business data and ensure shared data remains private

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