Not all Encryptions are Created Equal

In today’s times, data is critical to business operations. We see more and more data generated in every sector and business. Thereby, we have become the owners of this data with the responsibility to protect it.

For example, CPAs and other financial organizations share personal financial information on a daily basis and it is the core of their operations.  Transit of this sensitive data is prone to breaches and hence vulnerable to ransomware and other cyber-attacks, when not shared with the right security blanket. Savvy organizations choose the right security partner by making sure they use the right cyber security technology and are compliance driven.

Not all encryption is created equal

Many companies promise privacy of data shared simply by advertising encryption as part of their technology. The question to ask here is, “Are all encryptions created equal and secure?” The answer is no. Awareness and education to security technology is key to making the right choice when choosing the platform to share sensitive data.

Basic encryption offered is like leaving your key in the door. Though it may seem that there is a lock to protect your valuables, if the key is available to just about anyone and everyone, is it really protecting your valuables?

Popular cloud storage and file share platforms, claim security and complete privacy of data. In most of these services, the encryption terminates when it reaches that cloud and thereby all the sensitive information is in clear text on the cloud and can be deciphered, making the data vulnerable. The information is easily available to the cloud security providers themselves, and to any attacks that may occur.

For many of them, when the data is stored on their servers it is encrypted. But if someone requests the data, it is decrypted on the server before they can send, so the decryption happens on the server as well. This hugely compromises and violates the safety that encryption promises.

How and what is Zero knowledge encryption?

Though under the hood Zero Knowledge encryption has public and private keys to ensure complete privacy, it can simply be understood as a technology that supports end-to-end encryption even on the cloud. Hence, no one has access to the information in transit and at rest. At no point of time in the entire flow of data, is the information ever decrypted. Even the security partner using Zero Knowledge technology cannot decipher the data at any point of transit, so only you and the intended party will have access to the data.

Prevention is better than cure

A critical reason why firms should invest in secure file transfer solutions is because it is far better to spend the money necessary to prevent a data breach than to pay for the consequences of these events.
Data breaches and statistics show how companies spend thousands and millions of dollars on recovering from data breaches. Choosing the right security partner can prevent these costs without compromising on a great file sharing experience.

Peace of Mind

Having a reliable service that has your back with sensitive data can give you peace of mind that allows you to focus on decisions and work that actually matter to your company’s growth.
Needless to say, data in the wrong hands can do damage to identity and company causing financial and emotional turmoil.

DropSecure offers a secure file share and data collaboration platform using zero knowledge with end-to-end encryption. It offers security features that are built into the application from ground up, giving you the reins to control your sensitive information. Some of these features are, granular access controls, roles and permissions, 2-Step Verification, extensive audits and logs, secure file vault protection and secure link.

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