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What additional data control features do you provide?

At DropSecure, the data you upload is always under your control. You can set up data expiry limits when sharing them with your recipients, you can even revoke access once shared. We also provide an auto-delete feature wherein you have an option to decide the duration of how long your data stays in the cloud.

Can I integrate the DropSecure interface onto my website?

Yes, you definitely can integrate DropSecure onto your website. Once you sign up, we can provide you with a simple html code to do so.

Do you offer Custom branding?

Yes, we do provide branding for our customer accounts, such that your logo and theme color will appear on your account login page/ dashboard / public URLs and file transfer emails that are sent out from DropSecure. Please contact us and we will work closely with you to meet your branding requirements.

How can DropSecure be integrated with Outlook?

Please visit the tutorial video to see how you can integrate DropSecure plugin with outlook. Please contact us to get the link to download the plugin.

Can I send multiple files on one DropSecure transfer?

Yes, you can send multiple files at once. Click on the ‘Send Files’ button on your DropSecure dashboard. On the right-hand section of the Send Files window that opens, in the box ‘Click or drag file to this area to upload’, drag and drop the files or browse your device for the files to be attached. You can add up to 20 files with a total maximum limit of 10GB.

send multiple files on one DropSecure transfer
Does my client need to have DropSecure to open and reply to confidential information that I have sent them?

No. You, the registered DropSecure user can send files to an unregistered user (i.e., a user who has not registered with the DropSecure platform). The unregistered user has the option to reply and send you files by clicking on the ‘Send Reply’ button.

Follow the steps below for an unregistered user to open and reply to confidential information that you have sent them.

Once the steps listed in the above screenshot are followed, the user will then be able to click on the ‘Send Reply’ button. They can enter information in the Message box, click or drag files to be uploaded in the ‘Click or Drag File to this area to upload’ box and click the ‘Encrypt and Send’ button to send you the files.

DropSecure provides them with the same military grade end to end encryption while sending you files.

Can I invite a contact to send files back to me?

Yes, there are two ways that you can do this. You can simply send them an email from your DropSecure account and they can reply to your message. They will have the option to securely send files back to you with DropSecure’s end-to-end file encryption. The other way to do this is, to send them your personal file share URL. This is visible to you in your DropSecure Account on the top right-hand corner > Personal Settings > Share URL

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