Making the world secure bit by bit.

On a mission to bring
Zero-Knowledge cloud to everyone

DropSecure is a zero knowledge platform built specifically for organizations to exchange their sensitive and confidential documents extremely securely.

We have built our secure platform from ground up to ensure that we can protect privacy for each and everyone using our platform. Our mission is to simplify your communication and sharing needs without knowing the contents of your data. To accomplish this we use the most advanced cryptography tools to protect and safeguard your data while ensuring that your existing business processes don't change.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, DropSecure employs a global team from USA, Canada and India. Our goal is to empower you to store and share all your digital data online with confidence knowing that you are in full control and only you can grant access to others who can read your data.

Trusted by leading brands

Secure cloud sharing starts with DropSecure

With DropSecure, the keys to unlock your data are never shared with anyone you didn't intend to share with, including us. That means you get real privacy behind our patent-pending military-grade encryption and file transfer technology. Discover the most secure way to share your documents.